Great leaders listen.

Great leaders care about others.

Great leaders inspire others to excellence.

Who are you as a leader?

Too often people go into leadership for all of the wrong reasons. It may be the next career step and it may or may not fit your natural talents and gifts.

Who are you as a leader?  What are your natural gifts? Do you love to get work done through and with people? Are you taking time to develop others?  Do you take time to give feedback?  Do you know how to have difficult conversations? Are you taking time for work life balance?  Do you throw yourself into situations where you continually have to prove your worth?  Are you staying in a dysfunction work settings when it is really time to go? Are you happy?

The leadership path is a challenging one. You have to be clear, intentional, and residing at your center to make a positive impact on others and the bottom line.

Are you showing up everyday as someone that you yourself would like to follow?

Meet with me to discuss your leadership journey.  Is a new road calling to you?

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