For 20+ year I have been a geek about personality assessments.  I love figuring out how people see themselves and the world.  I have a masters degree in Training and Development and certifications in the Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Myers Briggs. The following assessments I have used to help people learn more about themselves and to coach teams in reaching goals and better performance. Assessment are a great was to look at your natural strengths, to explore your preferences, how you communicate, and what you project to others.  Assessments can also help you uncover clues  to your career path.

StrengthsFinder – CliftonStrengths online talent assessment is your way to:

      • discover what you naturally do best
      • learn how to develop your greatest talents
      • use your customized results to live your best life

Cost $300.00 (includes full StrengthsFinder Assessment and 60 minute coaching session)

Myers Briggs – MBTI haps you to explore what your natural tendencies, preferences and characteristics are including introversion/extraverstion, sensing/intuitive, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

Cost $100.00 (includes assessment and 30 minute coaching session)

Extended DISC Communication Styles – People or Task? Ask or Tell? These two questions can give you incredible insight to your personality and how you communicate.

Cost $125.00 (Includes full report and 30-minute coaching session)