Fill Up Your HEART…

Welcome to the 2020 Global Retreat. What if this was a time to focus on joy and what truly matters in life? What if this was a great invitation to settle in and live from our hearts? The entire world has changed in a matter of weeks. 90% of my day I am calm and at peace. When I see the news, it is easy to spiral down fast, I do have 3 to 5 minutes of a “Freak Out”. And then I remember in this moment – all is well. When I breathe and settle into my heart – all is well.

We have a lot of time on our hands. Time is our gift. How often in the last year have you wished for more time to …

meditate? exercise? do a house project? learn a language? garden? cook a healthy meal?

write a book? see a movie? write a letter? listen to music? clean the garage? ride a bike?

I have time everyday to get in my 10,000 steps. I am walking daily around the lake by my house. People are smiling. Saying hello. Strangers wishing each other well. This morning, I woke early to meet a friend on a virtual walk. We usually meet at the YWCA. Nothing usual lately.  We both walk in our neighborhoods connected by ear buds and our phones.

As I walk in the early morning, the sun is orange and pink behind the trees. In the light of day, I noticed a band of ruffians had left graffiti in chalk all over the side walk.

“Be Well” “You are Loved “” Be Kind” “Take Care” with pictures of flowers, hearts,and smiley faces. I love those ruffians! Time well spent!

Hundreds of people will be greeted today by messages of hope and love. 

Walking around my little lake is a way I fill my heart. I listen to encouraging podcasts, pump up my endorphins, and shake off the gravity of the world. The more I walk, the less likely I am to go into the “Freak Out”. Walking helps to keep me in the present moment. It helps my  higher self to fill more of my soul space. 

What if this tragedy brought out the very best in all of us? What if this is a great reminder to be kind and loving and that we are all in this together?  How can each of us use our time wisely?

I invite you in this day to use your time to do something that fills your heart.  

The next time the world gets to heavy, put on the song “Freak Out”, also know as Le Freak by Chic. Dance it out. Shake it off. Laugh. Fill your heart.  It may be the best thing you can do for yourself and the planet.

I wish you well. I wish you health. I wish you peace. I wish you a full heart.

Please leave a comment… What are you doing to fill your heart?