Foster Great Leaders…

I had the pleasure this week to meet with a team of leaders from a successful organization in the Twin Cities. The five people sitting at the table we’re not your typical leaders or your typical leadership team.

They did not wear high-powered suits.

They did not talk about what they owned.

They did not complain about or criticize anyone on their team.

They did not puff themselves up.

They did not take credit for the work of others.

They did not come from a place of ego or control.

The thing that stuck out to me about this group was the extreme care and consideration each of them had for the people in their organization and for each other.

They laughed together.

They had fun together.

They solve problems together.

They dreamed together.

They listened to each other.

One of the questions I asked during our work session was if I could wave a magic wand – what is one wish they would have for their organization?

“I would like all of the people who work here to be able to live comfortably and well”. That was the response from the President of the organization.

“I wish we could grow each year so that we could give more money to our people consistently”, said another leader.

When our work session was complete and I was driving home, I have to confess I was awestruck.

As an HR consultant, I was delighted to see a group of leaders who truly put their employees first. One of my philosophies of leadership has always been if you treat your employees well and take good care of them they will take care of your business.

We live in a time when so many leaders are so full of themselves. Sad to see many leader operating out of ego and control.

So Leader…

What have you done today to inspire someone else?

How have you invited cooperation?

When is the last time you provided praise or recognition to a member of your team?

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your team members… Would you want to follow you?