Goodbye and Hello…

Transitions are a tricky thing. We have major life events – leaving a relationship, buying a home, ending a job. The event is the change.

 Transitions are when our heart and soul catch up to what has happened on the outside. I recently went through a huge change. I left a job, an organization, and people that I enjoyed for 21 years.

The decision to leave took close to two years to make. Culture was changing and on a daily basis. I saw actions and behaviors that did not fit with my values. The hard part was that I imagined myself in this organization for many more years. And then, something in my heart said, “You have to leave this place and who you are to become who you are suppose to be”.

The change happened. I gave my notice and I ended my employment. I officially retired. In truth, I am on sabbatical.  And now I am in the transition phase. As humans we too often look at what we will lose when we make a change. What we sometimes don’t realize is all of the unexpected blessings we have no idea were waiting for us. This transition has been amazingly filled with grace and ease. All of those projects and tasks that I worried about for so many years simply faded in importance. This has been a great opportunity for me to sit in the present moment and to enjoy the gifts of each day.

I feel like I am a trapeze artist on the top of the big top above the crowd. I have let go of one trapeze and the next one has not shown up yet. I am in a place of ambiguity. I also believe this is a place of great creativity. I get to observe and see what unfolds.

I have set aside a year to explore other career paths, continue coaching, and work with leaders and teams who authentically want to change and create healthy work environments.

I had the opportunity to speak at a career transition group called “The White Box Club” this week. The group was started by Michael Sunnarborg, an amazing, creative soul who transformed his experience of being laid off three years ago into a book and a series of meet up groups to help others through a challenging life experience. Michael needed a speaker last minute and I stepped in to share my story of leaving my very safe and very corporate job to explore new adventures. What I love about “The White Box Club” is the care and support and encouragement each person brings to help others through a very tough time of transition.

My heart goes out to all who are in job transitions and my heart is also filled with gratitude for the unexpected lessons and blessing this challenging time can provide for people. We do not grow when we are comfortable. Looking for work is uncomfortable. It is hard to put yourself out there. The White Box Club is a great resource for connection and networking.

If you know someone in a career transition – share this link. The White Box Club is free and open to all those who have been laid off and are looking for work.

If you are currently working in a job that is not satisfying, give me a call. Let’s explore what other opportunities may be out there waiting for you. 

                    All great adventures begin with that first, single step. 
                                  What step are you willing to take today?