Invitation to Reflect…

Labor Day signifies the end of Summer. Time to get back to school and work.  The weather is changing. Vacation season is drawing to a close. Some say – This is really the beginning of the year. What do you want to create?
2018 has four more months.  This long weekend is a great time for reflection…
What have I accomplished so far in 2018?
What am I most proud of?
If I were to have one do-over in 2018, what would it be?
Where do I want to put my energy in the next 120 days?
What can I do to make 2018 a great year for me?
What is not working that I need to leave behind?
What is calling to me?
Give yourself the gift of reflection.  Reflection is where we meet learning and eventually wisdom. Wishing you a wise weekend.
Happy New Year!

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