What’s Next?

We wake up and we know that a chapter is closing and another one is opening.  What worked once, no longer works.  It is time to make a change. What’s next? It may be a job, a home, a relationship, a way of being. We grow and change and sometimes our outer circumstances no longer fit out inner being.  There has to we something more! There is. Are you willing to take time to invest in yourself to discover your next step? Hello!  I am Peggy Foster. By day I am an Human Resources Consultant with 20 years experience in developing the talents of others and encouraging people to live their best and most authentic life. By night I am a life coach – specializing in the areas of  leadership coaching, career tune-ups,  job search adventures, and exploring life transitions. We all have the answers inside of us and sometime we need help seeing what we may already intuitively know. My approach to coaching is to meet for a conversation, talk about what brought you to this point, and discuss possibilities to explore. If we decide our styles are a match – our journey together begins. Contact: Peggy Foster 952-836-8795 peggyfoster.learning@yahoo.com    

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